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10 Steps to Successfully Develop Your Brand Strategy

Many falsely think that a brand strategy is limited to designing a nice logo or creating a catchy tagline, font families, and color palette for their website and package. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

In reality, there’s more to developing and implementing creative branding ideas so that you can build a brand image that’ll grab the attention of your audience.

So here are 10 Steps to successfully develop your Brand Strategy –

1. Audit Your Current Branding And Marketing Strategy:

Before planning your Brand Strategy you need to know where your brand stands. Ask yourself, “What is my Business about?” Know what is the niche of your brand/business, it would help to differentiate your brand from the competitors. 

There needs to be a reason for the existence of your company. Which could be as simple as, “There was nobody providing a product/service like me.” 

You must take a note of:

  • How you are interacting with your audiences on social media and other channels
  • What kind of emotions and feelings your logo is creating in the minds of your audience
  • What does your audience think or feel when they do business or interact with your company

These are some of the most essential things that your customers/audience would identify your company with and are the building blocks that would help you to build the base of your marketing strategy which you could grow further.

2. Develop Your Buyer Persona:

A Buyer Persona is the fictional representation of your ideal customer or target audience. It helps to paint the image of the audience whom you would market to. 

Along with demographics, it also gives information about the day-to-day life of your audience, what they do, their likes and dislikes, and which social media channels they use.

3. Determine Your Business’ Mission And Vision:

Your company’s mission and vision statements state what your company is now, and what it aims to be. They provide guidance to make sure the actions and goals of the company are all regulated and going in the right direction.

The mission and vision statement helps to summarise your brand in a few words. They should be clear and thorough enough that your audience can read them and know what your brand is.

4. Identify And Analyze Your Competitors:

Your competitor is the company who is offering the same product or service as you to the same target customers.

You must find out who your competitors are, identify their strengths and weaknesses, keep a close eye on their marketing and branding strategies and try to find out different strategies that would overpower theirs’.

5. Develop Your Name, Logo And Tagline:

Your name, logo, and tagline are not your brand, but a part of your brand identity. The ways to communicate and symbolize your brand. You must live it to make it a reality. 

Make sure your brand name is something that would resonate with your brand and your target audience and is not difficult to remember. 

While picking a logo see that it defines your brand identity, check your competition, choose your design style, pay attention to color, and pick the right typography.

Keep the tagline of your brand simple and short, which is easy to remember, explains what you’re offering, and describes who you are.

6. Develop Your Website:

The website acts as the most important brand development tool. It’s the place where all your audiences would turn to learn about your brand, what you do, what you offer them, and who your clients are. 

Make sure that your website coordinates with the color of your logo so that it would create a brand mood, also check whether the navigation and layout of your website are user-friendly.

You can learn more about how to develop a user-friendly website by reading our blog.

7. Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy:

Content marketing is creating content for your brand that your audience would consider helpful and valuable. A strong content marketing strategy is important for any business. A good well researched content is written after analysing your customers, finding out what kind of questions and information they are seeking. Each piece of content you produce should ask your audience to take action — usually, that action is to buy your product.

8. Create And Maintain A High-Quality Blog:

A well-maintained business blog can bring many advantages that includes increased online visibility and an increase in sales. Yet, it can also be an excellent way to develop your brand.

Branding is all about using the strategies to make your business identifiable to your target audience and blogging happens to be the best way to communicate the brand personality, brand image and messages of your company to your audience.

Make sure to choose the topics related to your brand and relevant to your audience, make it easy to read and understand, use images to get the attention and improve the user experience.

9. Unify Your Social Media Accounts:

After the website, social media is an excellent way to get in contact with your customers. The brand can be developed by using cohesive voice and visuals for all the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Also remember to stick with the brand mood i.e. colors and fonts of your logo, So that it would be easier for the audience in identifying your company.

10. Implement, Track, And Adjust:

This final step in the brand development process is most important. A brand development strategy doesn’t do much good if it is never implemented. 

Therefore, tracking is important. Once you have a brand strategy implemented, you must track how it is influencing your customers’ buying decisions, how aware audiences are about the brand and the value and accessibility they have with your brand. 

These factors help to analyse whether brand strategy is working, or if you need to make any adjustments.

There you have it — 10 Steps to successfully develop your Brand Strategy.

Make sure your brand is the leading name amongst the other companies offering the same products as you. Follow these steps to create a good brand strategy and see your company surge among all the competition.

For more useful hints and tips about content creation and digital marketing check out our blogs, where you’ll find plenty of practical advice and industry secrets waiting for you.

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