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5 Best Ways to Manage your LinkedIn Business Account

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most active professional networking platform, with more than 55 million companies competing for the attention of 720 million users. Having a well-optimized LinkedIn Company Page offers tremendous opportunities for establishing your brand as an industry thought leader, among other benefits.

Below are our top five tips for how to manage your LinkedIn company page, including how to generate content in an organized, consistent, and professional manner:

 1. Create A Goal For Your Company Page

It is important to define your LinkedIn marketing goals and then understand how they relate to larger business objectives. Can you use your page to generate leads and help you sell more? What about engaging existing customers? What KPIs will help you monitor progress in terms of impressions and engagements?

How you answer these questions will affect how you structure your page

Understanding and identifying your LinkedIn target audience is crucial for a great LinkedIn page. Having this knowledge makes your job a whole lot easier: Just make sure you deliver what your audience wants. 

2. Fill Out Your Profile Completely

Despite the obviousness of this tip, it’s common for companies to forget to fill in a few fields, like company size or industry. In addition, they often forget to update a physical address. Companies with complete information have 30% more views per week, as LinkedIn reports. In particular, take the time to optimize your LinkedIn page for SEO, just as you would your own website, by placing appropriate keywords in your tagline and About section.

To get the most out of your page, you need to pay attention to the following elements:

  • Banner image
  • Tagline
  • About
  • CTA button

3. Develop Guidelines For Content Governance

Create a formal process, up front and in writing, for how you will create, publish, and manage content on LinkedIn to avoid headaches down the road. Content governance is critical and must not be overlooked. If not carefully governed, a LinkedIn page can make a company look disorganized — or worse– not accurately reflect its brand or voice.

Make sure you address the following when setting up these guidelines:

  • Roles, responsibilities, privileges, and approvals for teams and individuals
  • Protocols for communication before and after posting
  • Establishing a “single source of truth” for storing, tracking, and maintaining content. How, when, and what to post
  • Easy access to brand and editorial style guides for content creators

4. Set Up A Detailed Social Media Calendar

A content calendar is the best way to keep track of your current and upcoming LinkedIn posts. There’s no need to use a specific calendar for LinkedIn; you can probably use the same calendar across all platforms.

Content calendars are typically spreadsheets in calendar format, and their level of detail depends on your needs. 

Columns may include:

  • Publishing date
  • Hyperlinks
  • Content owner
  • Approval status
  • Photo assets
  • Relation to paid or organic campaigns

5. Engage Your Employees

Teamwork is essential for LinkedIn success. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy and your process guidelines should address how you empower your employees to share content and engage in industry-relevant conversations. Your company’s executives and senior leadership, or anyone who represents your company’s thought leadership, should participate on LinkedIn.

Here are a few ideas to get them participating:

  • Send out an email or message to selected employees asking them to like and share your original content; or publish a weekly tweet listing the best content to share.
  • Help them become more comfortable posting content on social media by sharing social media best practices.
  • Add prizes, rewards, and a leaderboard to employee sharing to make it fun.
  • Invite company bloggers to repost their full stories on LinkedIn 

All of these five tips mentioned in this article will help your business page gain more awareness. You can also hire us to manage your social media pages professionally.

For more helpful hints and tips on digital marketing, visit our blogs, where you’ll find plenty of practical tips and industry secrets.

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