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5 Strategies Used by Amazon for Successful Digital Marketing

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when we say Amazon?

A place in Brazil or a forest? We know what. Well, it is amazon.com, the shopping app, isn’t it? Amazon, an American multinational technology company was founded by Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994. Amazon owns the largest piece of the pie for ecommerce sales, Amazon’s average daily sales revenue is $1.29 billion, it has 310 million customers worldwide, most of the customers do their product searches using Amazon, there are around 3700 sellers joining Amazon everyday and it is the world’s largest e-commerce platform offering many varieties of products as well as services such as groceries, electronic items, clothing, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Pay and a good online  e-commerce platform for the sellers to sell their products to the customers. Amazon is very well known for it’s digital marketing strategies due to which it has become successful. Hence, let us dive into the digital marketing strategies without waiting any more further:- 

1. Social Media Strategy

Amazon has its presence in almost all the social media channels, it is on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many more. It widely promotes it’s products at all the social media channels, creating a visibility for it’s sellers who are onboard with them and encouraging the customers to buy the product. They use more of Facebook and Instagram for the promotion of their products and services For example the promotion of a movie Amazon prime video, Season Sales, etc.. Youtube is the best platform for releasing their campaigns. For example:- The Amazon advertisement claiming “India ki Apni Dukan.”

2. Email Marketing Strategy

The email strategy of Amazon is one of the best strategies as it is not only simple and easy for the customer to understand but also it maintains a good relationship with the customer by sending personalised emails regarding their purchases, sending seasonal sale emails, getting feedback from customers and giving offers to the customers while making payment for their products or even while paying their mobile bills or for entertainment purposes like booking movie tickets or Live match tickets and then getting cashbacks in return etc.. 

3. SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the reach of the website to its customers on Google and ranking the website at number one. This is done with the help of keywords which the brand finds out the keywords that are used by customers while searching on Google with the help of various tools like ubersuggest etc.. Amazon uses this strategy in such a way that it searches for keywords commonly used by the customers for searching the products or services. For example:- “Online Smart watches”, “Amazon Prime Video”, “Seasonal sale offers” and many more keywords that can be used by the brand. This strategy has helped Amazon to capture more traffic and sales for its brand.

4. Customer Testimonials Strategy

Amazon values the customers testimonials which they get once the customers buy their products and services. They are responsive towards the customers’ reviews about the product. They also have a Question and answer section wherein the customers can ask their questions before purchasing the product. They know how to cover-up a negative comment on their products and services with the customer care getting in touch with the customers and giving them immediate return and refund options. For example A customer had recently purchased a webcam from Amazon and it turned out to be a duplicate so he raised a complaint and he immediately got a call from Amazon’s customer care and in the end the customer not only returned the webcam but also received a refund of the webcam. This incident proves that Amazon values the customer’s testimonials.

5. Video Marketing Strategy

This is a strategy which is much popular and new on Amazon wherein they display a virtual demonstration of their products when they view the product details which is very helpful for the customers to understand the product specifications and the useage. This is a strategy which no other competitor like myntra, flipkart have not used this strategy of a virtual product demonstration. It helps 90% of people make a purchase decision. 

The strategies highlighted above show how Amazon is doing successful digital marketing and maintaining its brand image in the world. We hope these strategies have helped you understand how big e-commerce companies like Amazon are earning well.  To read more blogs about digital marketing, you can visit our blog  page at :- https://agency.skillwise.pro/blog/ 

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