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8 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate

A high engagement rate (ER) is the metric that shows your audience is interacting with your content and the quality of your posts are high.

Do you know how brands select Influencers?

Based on your Instagram Engagement Rate. The higher the engagement rate, the more brand collaboration you will secure.

It is because brands want to be reassured that your sponsored content will resonate with your followers, engage high volumes of their customers and drive them to action.

Now the question is, How to increase the Instagram Engagement Rate?

We have the answer as to How!

Here are the 10 most powerful ways you can increase your Instagram engagement rate.

1. Create Carousel Posts:

A carousel in-feed post has proven to receive a higher engagement rate as compared to single in-feed images and videos.

Which posts do well in the form of carousel?

– Before and after photos, photo dumps and tip-based threads.

– Posts having a lot of information and detailing.

This kind of format is known to boost engagement by encouraging your audience to save the post for later.

2. Give your Instagram Handle a Face:

Do you know? 

Instagram posts featuring a human face are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to attract comments. 

Since people like people, your followers easily connect an Instagram handle to a face. It gives your handle a personal touch and as such they are more likely to engage with your content.

So the key to faster engagement rate is to make the effort to show your face throughout your Instagram content, if it works with your niche.

3. Time your Posts Wisely and Consistently:

Posting at peak times allows your online audience to view your posts and in turn generate more engagement.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Well, it depends when your niche or audience is online. You can learn that by checking your follower analytics.

Your Instagram insights tell you which day and what time of the day are your followers the most active. In addition to this, study where the majority of your audience is located and post during their local hours. Also, consistency is the key. Your niche needs to be reminded of your constant presence. This will definitely boost up your engagements. 

4. Use Instagram to its Full Potential:

The secret to gaining maximum engagements on Instagram is to use all the features available on the app. This includes feed posts, Stories, Lives, IGTVs and Reels.

When you do this your engagement rate will automatically get a nice boost from all those follower interactions.

5. Use your Captions to Engage Followers:

Adding an engaging caption to your post will not only keep your audience on your post for a longer time but will also allow you to further connect with your audience by encouraging them to like, share, save and comment.

How you can do it –

– Keep the first line attention-grabbing.

– Use snappy language, emojis, capitals or extra space between letters.

– Add value and use your captions to provide mini blog-style ‘how to’ guides.

– Include pointers for precise information

– Ask questions to share the audience’s opinion or answer in the comments.

6. Use Relevant and Researched Hashtag:

Why is a hashtag an amazing tool?

– Expands your reach

– Places your content in front of more people

– Increase your engagement rate.

The Do-s

– Use calendar-specific hashtags like #WorldPhotographyDay and #WorldSocialMediaDay 

– Do your research to check a trending hashtag which is used by lots of other creatives.

The Don’t-s

– Limit the number of hashtags

– Add only those hashtags that are relevant to your content

Making a proper use of hashtags will insert your content into trending social conversations and help boost your engagements.

7. Share Interactive Stories:

Instagram’s inbuilt story feature allows you to use a whole suite of stickers. You can grow your engagement rate by using these stickers on a weekly basis.

The Instagram Tools

– Poll

– Question

– Countdown

– Emoji Slider

– Quiz Stickers

These tools motivate audience interactions and drive your engagement level by allowing your audience to directly interact with your content.

8. Geo-tag your Location:

Just like hashtags, geo-tags help you to

– Grow your reach

– Get your content in front of more users

– Increase your post’s engagements.

If you are looking for an audience to save your posts, this is an important tool. For instance, if you are at a popular spot, like a beach or a cafe, geo-tagging the spot will allow your followers to view your post and if they are inspired to visit that same location, they’re likely to save the post to come back to it at a later date.

Always remember that growing your engagement rate takes time and patience. It isn’t something that will take place overnight. Just keep experimenting and playing around with different strategies to notice more results and hence engagements. Also, track and analyse your track performance to tweak the strategies a little.

We understand that it is too intimidating for someone who has just started off a business and is finding it difficult to keep up with the digital world. The strategies, tracking, analysis, posting, can be a lot to handle. And that’s why we are here for you and your Business/Brand

To connect, call us at +91 93267 99327.

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