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Marketing bloopers – digital marketers can learn from these mistakes!

Marketing is beneficial for a company. However, overconfidence or negligence may lead to mistakes. You run the risk of destroying your reputation, as well as draining your promotional budget, when you make a marketing mistake. Misplaced messaging, poor campaign approaches, ill-advised imagery, and investments in the wrong channels are among the most common marketing bloopers brands make.

Here is a look at some bloopers and what we can learn from them.

1. Coca-Cola

Coke’s famous (or infamous) attempt at releasing a fresh take on their much beloved product can’t be left out of an article on marketing mistakes. Coca-Cola’s New Coke was a sweetened version of its classic flavor, launched mostly to compete with Pepsi, their biggest competitor. The majority of people who tried New Coke hated it. It was pulled off the production line only three months after launch due to its failure. According to reports, Coca Cola spent $4 million on research and marketing New Coke and lost about $30 million in unsold inventory. 

Key takeaway:

The most important takeaway from this is…

Don’t fix what ain’t broken. If you have a product that dominates your market, don’t ever consider eliminating it. 

2. Adidas

Brands need to be extra vigilant when they are sending messages during times of major current events. Adidas is an example of a company that failed to do this after the Boston Marathon bombings. The company’s email list was sent an email with the following subject line soon after the disaster…

There was no doubt here that this was a mistake, and Adidas sent out an apology email as soon as they realized what had happened.

Key Takeaway:

There are 2 main takeaways:

1-Marketing Audits After Big Events – Major events require an evaluation of your marketing messaging. 

2- It’s Important to Be Authentic- If you accidentally offend your audience, make sure to apologize in an authentic, meaningful manner.

3. GAP

Although GAP has had one of the most iconic logos in the clothing industry since 1986, the company briefly rebranded in 2010. There was no denying that fans weren’t impressed. Okay, they were driven mad. All told, the rebranding effort and failure cost GAP $100 million.  

Key Takeaway:

We can learn two lessons here. First, an eye-catching design is extremely important for your brand. Secondly, don’t fix what ain’t broke (like Coke). The GAP logo has been a success for decades. A hefty fanbase loved it, and they’d built it up over the years. The switch to a completely different format (and so rapidly) alienated many fans.

Now that you have learned about different ways your marketing plan could go wrong, strategize your plan by doing a thorough research to avoid such mistakes.

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