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Smart Chatbot Ideas

The 6 Smartest Chatbot Ideas To Convert Visitors To Customers

As an online business owner, I’m sure you agree that the conversion of site visitors into customers is of paramount importance. To maximize conversion rates on websites, several methods can be utilized, such as creating landing pages, introducing exit pop-ups, placing forms to collect information from website visitors, etc. 

Instead of spending money on pricey landing page builders, form builders, etc., I’ll share 6 simple suggestions for how to increase your site conversion using chatbots. 

Let’s start by understanding what a chatbot is? 

A chatbot is a software program that can converse with humans in human-like conversations without any direct human input. 

Here are 6 ways that chatbots can convert your website visitors into customers:

1. Ensure Fewer Abandoned Carts

Ensure Fewer Abandoned Carts

E-commerce store owners struggle with cart abandonment.

When a customer adds items to his cart and leaves the cart without making a purchase, the chatbot can encourage the customer to make a purchase at that very second with a small discount offer. Or might also inquire as to why the customer did not complete the purchase, and accordingly consider a solution to help the customer complete the purchase. 

2. Send Personalized Messages To Visitors

Send Personalized Messages To Visitors

Consider a situation in which you go into a shop to buy shoes and the owner personally greets you and listens to your requirements. You would surely feel special and the chances of you buying shoes from that shop would be high, wouldn’t it?

Similarly, send a welcome message to your site visitors that makes them feel wanted.

3. Prevent Visitors From Leaving Your Website

Prevent Visitors From Leaving Website

Any website owner who can get their visitors to spend longer on the website has a much higher chance of selling or offering a service. 

You can use the chatbot to instantly engage with your customers whenever they leave your website and select another website. You can ask the customer a question or any other message and initiate a conversation to identify why the customer left and if possible offer a solution. All of these operations can be performed without requiring any human intervention.

4. Obtain More Leads From Your Website

Obtain More Leads From Your Website

When compared with forms, chatbots are much more interactive and user friendly, and they function in an entirely new way. 

A chatbot can encourage website visitors to initiate a conversation. They can easily collect contact details of site visitors and in the process will qualify genuine leads for you. Thus, you or your team will need to contact only qualified leads, saving you both time and money from contacting non-qualified leads. 

5. Address FAQs From Customers

Address FAQs From Customers

Whether you run a business website or an e-commerce portal, customers often have questions. And answering them again and again in person takes a lot of time and can be a tedious process.

In order to reduce the use of manpower in answering frequently asked questions, chatbots can preload the frequently asked questions into their systems. Furthermore, customers will not be required to scroll through large amounts of information, and answers will be communicated in a conversational manner, which can radically improve customer experience.

Integrating Live Chat With Chatbots

Integrating Live Chat With Chatbots

Website owners who use live chat services can benefit from integrating chatbots with their services.

Integrating chatbots with live chat solves two main problems.

A) Save time: By integrating a chatbot into your website, when a customer initiates a chat, the chatbot can immediately interact with the customer and if it is unable to answer the question, it can be transferred to the live agent, thereby saving agents a lot of time.

B) Save money: Many businesses may find it prohibitively expensive to hire a large number of live agents on a 24/7 basis. In this case, the use of a chatbot can save costs since a single chatbot can answer multiple customers at once and direct only relevant questions to agents. This saves on manpower costs 

Even if the questions are not answered by live agents for whatever reason, the chatbots can automatically collect the customer details and forward them to the live agent when one becomes available. 

Here’s how you can make the most of chatbots for your business or service.

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