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Ultimate Guide To Write Good Instagram Caption

It could get really difficult to write good Instagram Captions. What kind of voice should it have? Funny, serious, educational, emotional, inspirational, should it contain emojis? 

A good caption makes the users stop scrolling their timeline and spend time reading your caption, and hence, engaging with your post. 

While Good Visuals are essential for any Instagram posts, captions also play an important role in getting good engagements. Here are 5 ways to write captions that would stand out-

1. Write a Killer First Line

Ensure that you are delivering an attention grabbing, super-engaging, punchy line in the first part of the Instagram caption to boost the time spent by the people viewing your post.

Write the content of your caption in a way that sparks curiosity among your followers – an intriguing statement, mentioning some stats, informing about exclusive offers or triggering an emotional response. 

2. Add a Call-to-Action 

Having a CTA to your captions would inspire the followers to visit your business website, shop online, sign up to a newsletter or get leads through phone calls.

CTA could help you in driving engagements to your post. CTA’s that could help you in driving more engagements – 

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3. Keep the Brand Voice Consistent 

One of the important parts in any good Instagram caption is to keep the Brand Voice consistent.

Your captions must reflect your brand’s personality, and have the same tone as the other Social Media Marketing platforms. 

You can also keep your voice informal in order to have more engagements. 

4. Use Line Breakers for Longer Captions

It is always advisable to keep your captions short and it’s a great way to ensure that your message has reached the audience. But what if you have a lot to say?

Adding line breaks in your captions will make the long content which is a serious turn-off for your audiences easy to digest. And you’ll have your caption spaced out instead of a lengthy paragraph which gets boring to read. 

5. Use Hashtags to Boost Discovery 

Using relevant hashtags in your caption is a great way to get discovered by the users who are searching for precise tags.

Hashtags help Instagram to categorize your photo or video content and let Instagram know when to show up your post to the viewers who have searched the hashtags or are browsing through the explore page.

Do not forget to use branded hashtags as it will help you to build a brand for yourself, start conversations with your followers and increase the reach.

Now that you know the secrets of writing good engaging captions, start practising it for your future social media plans. 

And for more useful hints and tips about digital marketing check out our blogs, where you’ll find plenty of practical advice and industry secrets waiting for you.

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